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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Affordable Candy Table

I know it has been a while...but I just had to post a recent Candy Table that I decorated for my sister's wedding. I thought I would show how a Candy/Dessert Table can be accomplished on a cheap budget. Here are some tips on achieving an affordable candy table.

* Use items that already come in the color of your wedding. For example, if using white consider buying powdered doughnuts, tasty cakes, wafers, candy wrapped in white, and/or buy white chocolate to cover pretzels, make truffles, make chocolate covered strawberries, etc.

* If using silver, consider buying chocolates and wrapping them in aluminum foil. Or buy candy already wrapped in silver, like Andes mints, Hershey Kisses, 3 Musketeers, York peppermint patties, etc.

* If using brown, consider making most of the table using milk chocolates, like whoppers, chocolate covered pretzels, etc. Unwrapped some chocolates and display them on the table and perhaps wrapped them in nice cardstock paper,  to reduce cost. Use decorative paper that reflect the colors of your wedding to add more color to the table. Customize more of the table by using paper and other items, as personalizing the candy will increase your budget.

* Check the Dollar store.  Recently I've seen colored coordinated wafer straws...awesome at just a $1.
As pictured below, the blue and white wafer straws were from the Dollar store.

* Check farmer's markets, Big Lots, Ollie's, Dollar tree, Party City and other stores for colored candy before you go overboard ordering online.

* As pictured below, cover sturdy boxes to add dimension and character to you candy table. Or recycle your glass jars and decorate them to store some candy.

Candy Table Colors: Silver, blue, and white Candy Table

Let me know what you think.

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