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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage Wedding Look: Using Doilies

If you're like me, the sound of doilies makes you picture your grandmother's house.  Doilies places so delicately underneath a lamp to enhance the look of the living room or to cleverly collect dust. Whatever purpose it served, the memories of doilies are not that of a modern day girl. Apparently, after extensive research on DIY doily projects, I have to admit that doilies have come a very long way. Today, I have chosen DIY doily projects to give character to an Affordable Vintage Wedding Look.  I am amazed at the possibilities.  

From your Bridal Ensemble

Now here is a bride thinking outside the dress. Talk about being unique and putting the word modern into what was seen as old fashion. I love how she combined the pink and green into her wedding ensemble, makes her dress stand out even more. This DIY Doily Wedding Dress is sure to make a lasting impression. Check out the link to see more photos, of her intimate wedding. Also, loving the Doily Necklace.  It's one of those creations that you wonder if it looks good, then you see someone else wearing it and you say to yourself..."I think I can pull that off".

To Personalized Invitations and Ceremony

To Making Your Guest Feel Special


This DIY Personalized Tote bag could make an affordable bridesmaid's gift.  Personalize oversized doilies with your guests' name to make them feel special and finally add a touch of vintage to a plain favor box for guests to take home.

To Modern Doily Centerpieces

Doily Vase
Doily Candle holder/Lanterns
Doily Glass Vases

 Put these modern ideas of doilies to use, to make your centerpieces the center of attention...of your table that is. Makes for some affordable centerpieces.

Stay tune for my next post, on DIY backdrop using doilies to create a talk about Sweets Table.

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