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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Wedding Dress Pictures

Of course the most important thing to planning your All White Winterwonderland Wedding is your Wedding Gown.  I have selected several wedding gowns that range from Simple but Elegant to Extravagant and Bold.  I tried selecting gowns that will keep you somewhat warm on your special day...last thing you want are frost bites while trying to take your wedding pictures:)   Oh, did I mention they are all under $300...yup, your wedding gown for under $300. 

So where did I find such awesome wedding dress deals?  Click on any of the Promotions below to be directed to the site so you can get some great discounts. Browse the site or if you like one of the dresses below just type in the MLS# I have included.
Here are some additional savings that will fit your Budget...hurry some of these promotions end on January 15th, 2012.



From Simple but Elegant

A. Laced Dress w/ Ribbon $196.89  MLND0018
B. Kate Middleton's 2nd Dress $169.99 MLRO0001

....To Classy but Comfortable

Shoulder Lace Dress $179.99

...To Belle of the Ball

A.a. Hemline Dress w/ blue ribbon $259.99  MLJB0097
B.    Organza Dress $182.99   MLWK12963
C.c. Tulle Dress w/ train $205.99  MLWK14016

...To Tie you Down Ribbon (No pun intended:)

A. Black and White Dress $249.99  MLIG0183     
B. Wedding Gown w/ Purple Ribbon $208.99   MLSW23709

...To Modern Renaissance

A. Sweetheart Taffeta Dress $156.99  MLWK13376
B. Modern Renaissance $178.99  MLWM10010     

...To Bold and Beautiful.

A. Shiny Tafetta Dress $165.99   MLWK14609
B. Crystal One Shoulder strap Gown $299.88  MLDA0049

So what is your favorite gown? Or least favorite? Feel free to leave me a comment:)

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