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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look for Less: All White Winter Wedding

If you are planning an all white wedding on a Budget I have selected some simple yet affordable centerpieces along with some DIY projects for you DIY brides.  Remember the key to saving money is to Alternate not Terminate:) 

Simple but Elegant All White Centerpieces
Here is a selection of small wedding centerpieces that seem affordable. You can use them to alternate with other centerpieces or as you main centerpieces to save money. Flowers can be very expensive so make carnations your main flower and highlight them with the flower of your choice to save even more money.

1. Glass variation with Flowers                

All White Vases

DIY Wedding Projects for the DIY bride

Can't afford those beautiful vases from Etsy priced at $350...don't dismay.  Be inspired by you recylcing bin.  Below are some inspirations to help you create your Wedding Look for Less.  Grab some of your recycled wine bottles, beer bottle or any bottle with a nice shape along with some spray paint to create these affordable recycled wedding centerpieces.  Add candles, branches or even single stem flowers to add to the look.  So easy a DIY bride can do it:)

More DIY Wedding Projects for the DIY bride

I love the mini cakes as centerpieces, especially since it's something that you can make yourself to save money.  Good option if your venue charges for cake cutting, this way there is no cake cutting nor cake cutting fees.  Still can't believe some venues charge for this.

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Stay tune for more Inspirations on Creating your All White Winter Wedding Look For Less.

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