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Saturday, January 7, 2012

All White Winter Wonderland: All White Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes

Must confess something...I am obsessed with Sweets. Not only did I already post some All White Wedding cakes but I had to continue an additional post because I'm just obsessed.  I mean look at these, I just couldn't end my last post without posting these good looking, elegant, classy, bling shining, edible diamonds, oh so tempting All White wedding cakes:) Don't you agree?

Anyway, in keeping the Budget Conscious Brides in mind and the DIY Brides, I put together some wedding cakes and cupcakes that seemed simple to do by just adding some embellishments.  All white does not mean it has to be plan and boring...add some bling!  Here are some easy and affordable embellishments that will jazz up your Wedding cake or Cupcake look:

1. Cupcake Wrappers  - They have some really nice cupcake wrappers that can really dress up your   plan looking cupcakes.

2. Rhinestone Cake Ribbon- Forget making a wedding ribbon out of fondant.  This is more simple and looks better.

3. Edible Diamonds and Pearls - Don't just wear your diamond, be surrounded by it.

4. Wedding Cake or Cupcake Stand - Whether it be a Cupcake station or just a Wedding cake table, show off your cake.  (Below are some Affordable cake stands)

DIY Wedding Cake Ideas: All White with a Touch of Class


All White Cakes and Cupcakes 

(Buy a similiar clear Cupcake stand below)

 All White Wedding Cupcakes


Cupcakes are such a good alternative to Wedding cakes.  Gather all your bridesmaids and get baking because these are too cute plus will save you money. Check out my video for more Wedding Cake Alternatives.

Affordable Wedding Cupcake/Cake Embellishments


Affordable All White Cupcake/Cake Stands


So which cake or embellishment is your favorite?

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