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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twilight Wedding: Natured Inspired

 So as promised, I wanted to give you a Twilight Wedding look for less inspired by nature.  I tried selecting inspiration that can be DIY projects and affordable. So here are a couple of natured inspired pictures to get your imagination rolling. 

           Personalized Photo Collage                 

                Place Cards           


       Birch Bark Centerpiece                                          Bark Vases

Wood Vase For Fall Weddings
Bride A2                            



              Centerpieces                                                           Centerpieces

             Flower Girl Basket                                      Birch Candles

Some DIY projects

Moss Wrapped Cans

 Love these DIY centerpieces, get step by step instrutions

Moss Monograms 

DIY PB Inspired Moss Monograms  

Moss Filled LOVE Centerpiece 


In LOVE with the Love centerpiece, special touch.  You can make this yourself.
 Moss Ring Pillow
Don't forget your rings...Make this beautiful moss ring pillow

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