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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Look for Less: DIY Bride, Affordable Topiaries

This post is dedicated to all those DIY brides.   One of the best ways to saving money on your big day is to make your own wedding decorations.  Second to that is to alternate what you really want with what you can afford.  A big ticket item in your budget could be flowers.  Flowers can get extremely pricey but think for a I really need that many flowers or can I cut back in some areas.  For example, if you want your bouquet to be made of real flowers, then make that your priority to get real flowers for your bouquet.  Then ask yourself do I really need real flowers for my centerpieces?  With so many alternatives to using flowers, you can save yourself so much money if you just opt out from buying flowers. 

Below are some DIY projects for the DIY bride who wants the elegant look with the not so elegant price. 

The Look

Centerpiece was made with real white roses held by a sturdy tree branch, topped with rose buds in a recycled vase, which makes for an elegant, eco chic wedding centerpiece.  Though natured inspired, I believe the roses are what make this centerpiece expensive.  So here is my alternative...

First follow the sources to get step by step instructions on how to create these affordable topiaries.  Use the model below to create the roses.  Or option 2 use the felt pom pom balls to create your topiary look. Note: check out source 2 as she makes it even more affordable, by making her own styrofoam balls out of magazines.  Now that is saving lots of Mula, my friends.  So here is your Look for Less.

The Less

DIY Topiaries with Affordable yet Adorable Flowers

Use Streamer, Tissue Paper, or Felt to Create these Adorable Pom Pom Balls

DIY Felt Balls

More ideas on Affordable yet Adorable Topiaries

Source                                                                Source
     Topiary held by 2 candle stands                               Inked Tissue Pom Pom Topiaries

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Modern and Bright Topiaries
paper parasol tutorial
Fiesta Topiary!
Candy Topiary


DIY Felt Balls

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  1. thanks so much for the shout out!! lots of fabulous ideas here :D and what a neat idea for a blog! love the concept- I did a lot of our wedding stuff DIY, so this would have been the perfect website for inspiration!
    {ps. looks like the link to my blog is a bit broken though!}

  2. No...problem. Loved your DIY project.