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Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting your Wedding Look for Less: Love bird theme

I know one of the hardest part of planning my wedding was narrowing down my wedding theme.  There was so much inspiration and the minute I thought I had it together I would see something even more appealing.  Of course, you go through such an emotional rollercoaster when you think you have it all figured out but then to realize you saw something better and you have to start from square one again.

I know the feeling, you want everything to be my advice would be to  narrow down your theme and just stick to it.  Keep finding inspiration within that theme.  Remember the more you venture out the more confused you will be. 

Below is an inspiration for a love bird theme with some peacock feathers to complete the look.  So here is this weeks Wedding Look for Less, which includes where to buy the LESS and some alternatives to fit your wedding budget.

                                                  The Wedding Look

*****   The Less   *****



   Birdcages: Set of 2 for $19                              Birdcages: Set of 3 for $37

Tip on saving money:  Alternate the table settings, not all table centerpieces have to look the same.  So have some tables with the birdcages and others with some of the decorations below.



Tip on saving money:  Make these luminaries instead of buying the candles and place inside the birdcages with LED tealights or use as centerpieces.  See how here.


                                      Wedding Centerpiece Add ons



Tip on saving money:  Above I have selected plastic speckled robin eggs and artificial artichokes instead of succulents to cut cost when trying to create your look for less.

                                         Complete the Look


                                         Bridal Headpieces under $50


    Some DIY projects for your Love Bird
                              Theme Wedding
          Heart shaped birdseeds                                 Cupcakes and Chocolates

Love these DIY projects, especially those bird nest cupcakes:)  Even making these cupcakes can dramatically cut cost on your wedding budget...have these as your cake alternatives.  Check out my other post and video on cake alternatives.

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