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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flower Girl Look for Less

It's amazing...not in a good expensive flower girl dresses can be.  With prices reaching over $100.00, one may feel bad even asking the parent to buy this dress for their little girl, especially if they are coming out in the wedding themselves.  So how can your flower girl dress for less?  Here are a couple of things to consider:
1.  Remember the darling little girls are going to look cute in whatever they wear.  People are going to pay more attention to how cute they look tossing the rose petals down the aisle than to the details of what they are wearing. I'm not saying to buy whatever dress is on the sales rack...oh no!  But step out of tradition for a bit and you might just save the parent a couple bucks...they will thank you.
2.  Shop after holidays, such as Easter and Christmas.  Not only can you find a bargain on flower girl dresses for less, you can also find cheap flower girl shoes.  With the money saved the flower girl would be so happy to get accessories to go with her dress...which you could buy on clearance as well. Dress your flower girl for Less. 
3.  Shop special occasion dresses for your flower girl, such as for communions, parties, graduations, holidays, etc.   You'd be surprise how much one could save when you take away the word WEDDING out of your search, for some reason this word has dollar bills written all over it. 
4.  Add a ribbon, nice beaded waistband, or a nice flower to a plain dress.
5.  Always think out the box...think different colors. Who says the flower girl has to wear a white  fancy satin dress?  Take a look at the different flower girl dresses on the second box below. I had so much fun choosing these dresses because they were all too cute.  It was hard for me to stop choosing flower girl dresses. Hope you like them as well.  Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

                              1. The Look   $137.30                      4. The Less   $44.64
                              2. The Look       $59.99                      5. The Less   $39.95
                              3. The Look     $153.99                      6. The Less   $28.99

                        Unique Flower Girl Look for under $50.00

                                                          Love this Dress
                                                             Cute Shoes
                                                          Pearl Headband

I had to post this dress above...I'm absolutely in love with this dress.  Super chic, unique, stylish, modern but best of all under $50.00 but better yet even after being paired with the pearl beaded headband and super cute shoes you can dress your flower girl for the retail price of a flower girl dress at a boutique. All this for under $100.00...unbelievable!

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