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Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Wedding Cake Techniques

In my continous quest to helping brides to save money, I decided to find easy yet classy looking frosting techniques for those who have opted to make their own cake or considering it. These techniques look so simple even a bridezilla can do it:) Kidding about the bridezilla part:) After getting quotes from many caterers or bakers, you will find that making your own cake would be cheaper. This would be a big savings in your budget. To save on your wedding cake and save yourself a headache, have a couple practice rounds with someone who you would trust to make your cake. I know this is nerve recking but with the techniques I have found, you won't need Ace of Cakes to make your cake...even though that would be nice:) Let me know what's your favorite technique.

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                              Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest

This is truly adorable and functional not just for a wedding but also a bridal shower, baby shower, or even Mother's Day. If you love this rose technique check out Strawberry-Chic, for the complete tutorial.
                                         Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest

Can you guess what is needed to create the technique on the cake above?....A spoon. I couldn't believe it. How clever is this?

                                                  Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest

As mention on Sweetapolita, there is a Youtube tutorial that shows you how to frost a cake using the ruffled technique. This looks so cool.

                           Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest
Wow...does this not look fake? Well, it isn't. This cake is perfect using an upside down technique. Make sure you have a couple practice rounds before making your final product. I'm still amazed at the perfection..good thing i'm not showing you the tutorial...I would mess this up for sure.

Visit baking911 to see their tutorial on this technique.

                                               Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest 

              I found a homemade vanilla frosting. According to the reviews its really good...aka the best. 

                                       Feel free to comment on other techniques you've used or seen.

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