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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Wedding Theme: Brides and Bridesmaid

Here are a couple of inspiration dresses for you and your bridesmaids that go well with a Cinco de Mayo theme. I have selected dresses that remind me of a sexier version of Cinco de Mayo Wedding theme. I have also chosen bridesmaid dresses that match the color palette of this theme and one that is similar to the bride's dress. So take a look and tell me what you think.

Wedding Dresses

                                                      Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest

                                            Destination Wedding Dress $142.98 SKU:MLCB0629 
This seems like the perfect dress to the Cinco de Mayo Wedding Theme. Love how this dress has a detailed bodice and flows down. Looks light and airy, good for a summer day wedding as well as for comfort. Gotta love this price, gorgeous dress for under $150.00... sign me up:)

                                         Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest
           Sexy Wedding dress with sash $228.99 SKU: MLSW18007      

                                                   Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest
                                                                                Wedding dress $299.99 SKU:MLSW18211     


                                            Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest

                                              Bridesmaids dress under $80.00 SKU: MLML0100

                                         Source: via Eventlookforless on Pinterest

                                                     Bridesmaid Dress (similar to wedding dress)
                                                                   $112.99 SKU: MLSW21740

Click below to check out  these and other affordable dresses:

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