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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Look for Less: Bella's Wedding Look in Twilight

For those of you who want a fairy tale wedding with a modern day twist, prepare to be inspired by Bella's wedding in the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn.  I'll be honest I have never seen the Twilight movies nor read the books but I was inspired to post something on this wedding.  It definitely is a modern day fairytale. 

Here are some facts that I think you would appreciate about the making of the dress.  Will make you feel that all that work was done for you on your special day. I'm in love with the intricate design the back of this dress has.

All The Wedding Details:
  • Bella and Edward wed under 160,000 wisteria blossoms.
  • The custom-made designer wedding dress is valued at $35,000.
  • It took six months, four seamstresses, and one high-fashion designer (Carolina Herrera) to craft the hand-made dress.
  • 152 buttons flanked by French Chantilly lace lined the back of Bella’s gown.
  • 17 buttons and Chantilly lace adorn each sleeve.
  • 4 months, 12 sketches, and 3 prototypes later, the shoes were created.
  • The shoes will be available in stores next year.
  • Their honeymoon destination, Casa Dino, is an 11,000-sq.-ft home in Brazil
  • The destination is only accessible by boat or helicopter.
  • Baby Renesmee was played, “by a rubber or mechanical baby a lot of the time,” Nikki Reed said.

    The Wedding Dress Look $35,000: The Less under $1000

The Look for Less:  Bella's Veil

The Look for Less: Bella's Shoes

The Look:  Bella's Shoes $1295.00

The Less: Bella's Shoes for under $100.00 (after adding appliques)

    After looking at the price of these shoes I started thinking of other ways you can replicate the Look. Above are two pairs of shoes: white stilettos that look similar to Bella's and ivory satin shoes with a flower.  Both of which after adding your choice of appliques can help you create the Look for Less. Note that these appliques are not intended for shoes, but I think with a little hot glue you can get the Look.  It looks like the ivory ones would be more comfortable.

The Look for Less:  Bella's Wedding Rings

The Look for Less: Bella's Headpiece

Get the Hairstyle for Less:  DIY Bella's hairstyle


Step into the Twilight's Enchanted Wedding and Be Inspired

The Twilight Wedding: Get the Look for Less created by Yours Truly

                              Feel free to comment on your thoughts of this wedding.

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