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Friday, November 4, 2011

You Can Potentially Earn Some Money to Put towards Your Honeymoon

  As if figuring out your wedding budget weren't enough, you also have to calculate perhaps one of your highest expenses...the honeymoon.  Most couples cannot not afford a lavish honeymoon.  Some wait a couple months before taking one.  First thing is first.  Reanalyze your budget.  Figure out what you are willing to sacrifice to be able afford the honeymoon you truly want. 

   While an ice sculpture looks so fancy and may wow your guests, ask yourself...Do I prefer to watch our hand carved names melt away or do I prefer to melt away in my future husband's arms as we watch the sunrise in Mexico? Okay, maybe I'm being too dramatic.  But truth be told, take it from a bride who was so detailed oriented, there are things that your guests aren't even going to notice.  Those personalized M&Ms, the exact color purse to match your shoes, the details on your veil that matches your dress, or the monogramed champagne glasses. Trust me you can do without many of these things.
    Place priorites on what it is you really want.  If your dress is what you really want to splurge on, then go ahead you are the queen of the night.  If your honeymoon is what you really want to splurge on, then be willing to make some sacrifices.  Sometimes sacrificing shines the light upon new possibilities...take that risk! 

  Ever thought you could get paid a couple bucks when shopping for your honeymoon getaway.  Well, look again.  I came across a website, some of you might have heard of it, called Groupon.  This site has local deals from spa deals to photo deals, to restaurant deals, to vacation deals, you name it.  Usually you can save 50-90% off the value price.  Some restrictions apply, but nothing too serious to scare one away.  So how do you get paid. Simple.  For every person you refer to the website and they purchase something you get $10. Get enough people and you can practically pay for your own honeymoon!

Here are some deals I found.  Please take notice that many of these deals are limited and have time frames.  So if you really like a deal...Jump on it!

UPDATE: These deals are no longer valid. The deals on  Groupon are time sensitive and only last a couple of days. But you can still visit Groupon for the lastest deals.

Search Groupon to book the honeymoon you want with the budget you can afford! - Click Here

Tropicana Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada

One-Night Stay for Two People with Tickets to Las Vegas Mob Experience. Combine Up to Two Nights.

from $66   Value $169      Discount 61%       You Save $103

Worldwide Vacation & Travel, Inc. – Greater Orlando, Florida

Seven-Night Stay for Up to Six in an Up to One-Bedroom or Up to Two-Bedroom Unit

from $339    Value $700    Discount 52%      You Save $361

Villas Sol Hotel & Beach Resort – Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Three- or Four-Night All-Inclusive Stay for Two in Standard Room

from $299     Value $747   Discount 60%    You Save $448


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