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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Look for Less: A Diamond is Forever

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We see celebrities getting engaged and drool over their expensive engagement rings.  Celebrity wedding rings costing more than a lifetime’s worth of income. I know we all wish we can afford an expensive wedding ring to show off for years to come but the reality of it is that we can’t… and that’s okay. The key to stop the drooling is to first get a tissue and second to find alternatives to what you want. If your wedding ring price is not affordable you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice what you want you just have to get savvy. Here are some tips:

1. Find the ring you like…or love online.

2. Copy and then paste the description of that ring in to Google Search. Try to pick keywords, like carat, type of cut, shape, type of gold, etc.

3. Instead of doing a Google Web search, look to your left hand side, where you will see Search options, such as Everything, Images, Maps, Videos, etc. Click on Shopping. By clicking Shopping, your searches would only consist of stores where you can shop for your ring.

4. When looking for the wedding ring prices, make sure you are taking into consideration other variable costs. These costs could include shipping, insurance, sizing, etc., all of which could make a drastic impression on the budget you have set.

Consider buying the wedding rings as a set. Whether it be a bride and groom set or just a bridal set. Such option can also cut cost on your wedding budget.

Here are some options I have selected so that you can get The Look you want with a Budget you can afford. Both selections are the same description except for the carat size. A small difference in carat can make a huge difference on your wedding budget. I know it's hard but if you really want a specific style ring but can't afford it, consider downsizing your diamond.  Also, check out my Amazon store for more affordable wedding rings.

Round Diamond Cut:

                           The Look   1 1/2 ct Round Bridal Diamond Set                      

Princess Cut:

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