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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall weddings on a budget: Part 1 Using Tree Branches for Centerpieces

When planning a fall wedding on a budget, consider your surroundings. So to all you do it yourself brides, put on your walking shoes and go for a walk…be inspired by nature. Here are some DIY fall wedding ideas:


Tree branches

1. Collect some tree branches. Spray paint them (optional).

2. Go to the Dollar store and pick some small flowers that come in a bunch.

3. Glue the flowers to the branches.

4. Place the branches in a glass vase with the same color stones of your flowers.

5. Optional: Place a 12X12 cardstock paper underneath the vase. (They have really neat paper at AC Moore and Michael’s with different colorful patterns).

The following pictures are Do It Yourself centerpieces, using tree branches. In the first picture section I have selected wedding centerpiece ideas that virtually can cost you less than $5 dollars each.  If you have some rope laying around, you can wrap it around the tree branches numerous times to give it a rustic look. Then add some leaves or flowers from around the yard and you have yourself free wedding centerpieces.   

The 2nd picture section might require a bit more work and a couple more bucks, but even at that they can be affordable wedding centerpieces.  For example, the oh so pretty pink wedding tree centerpiece can be adjusted to your taste and budget. The base can be replaced with a square vase from the dollar store.  Glue some cardstock to the vase rusing Mod Podge (works as a glue and acrylic) then add some ribbon.  Instead of the pricey roses, use silk flowers, tissue paper flowers or  mulch to cover the surface.

Stay tune for more Fall weddings on a Budget.  Part 2: Using Pinecones and Acorns.


1.  Wedding tree with orange flowers. 2. Tree branches in oval vases 3. Tree branches with yellow ribbon.  4.Branch bundles  5. Branch with candles 6. Tree branch chandelier 7. Branch with blue and ivory flowers  8. Pink wedding tree

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