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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall weddings: Getting the Look for Less

Here's a real fall wedding reception to give you an idea on how you can get the Look for LessRemember the key to saving money is not to terminate but to alternate.  Sometimes having a lighter or darker shade of color, a taller or smaller vase, or even a bigger or smaller table, could make a huge difference on your budget.  Every penny counts:) 

Here is your break down for creating your fall wedding look for less:

1.  Vase                20”   6 piece      $66.00       ($11.00 each)
                        24”   6 piece      $84.00       ($14.00 each)
                        32”   6 piece    $126.00       ($21.00 each)

2.  Overlay         Ivory overlay       $6.99      (original: $9.99)   
                       Yellow overlay     $6.99      (original: $10.99)
                       Mint overlay        $3.99      (original: $7.49)
                       Orange overlay    $6.99      (ranges from $4.49 to $6.99)

 Note: All of these, except for the orange overlay,  
are cleareance prices, so availability may be  limited. 
Other overlays available to buy.  Depending on how
many you need, the price per overlay is reduced.

Other Fall Wedding Ideas: If going for the route of the Less, consider combining a light color with a darker color to still give it your fall wedding look. For example, if you choose to go with the mint overlay,  don't choose the multiple color leaves instead choose the leaves to be solid brown (spray paint or shop around nature)  and add tiny mint green flowers along with perhaps sage flowers on the tree branches.  

3. Leaves         200 count            $10.99       (.05 per leaf)
                    2000 count          $49.99       (.02 per leaf)

Tips: Cheaper if you shop around nature: Free!

4. Napkins       1- 500 count        ($.75   -    $.51 each)

Tip: If the overlay tableclothes don't fit your budget,
consider adding color to your table  with these cloth napkins.

5.  Tree branches  FREE

Note: Find the overlays and the napkins  by scrolling down to external websites and clicking on CVlinens.

****Don't forget to check out the Free Super Saver Shipping to save money on shipping.

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